Brendan Spieth

Projects include: The Winter's Tale (The Old Globe Theatre), Veritas (The Representatives), A Short Life of Trouble (Wandering Bark),  American River (Lesser America),  Ozet: Common Hall Village 20 (Ontological Theatre), The Aliens (Weston Playhouse).  Creative team projects: Sound House (New Georges) I Feel Love (Republic Records) Balm in Gilead (Brian Mertes, Alex Harvey, Beau Willimon), The Humans are in Trouble and Peer@Me (NYU Graduate Acting), Inventing Wonderland (Beyond the Machine). Co-creator of Those Lost Boys: 10 Year Reunion (Ars Nova). Film: Girl Wakes Up, Ask For Jane.

Company member of Lesser America. 

Juilliard (Group 39)

production photos

the compass podcast

The Compass podcast documents the lives of artists navigating the waters between art and commerce. What do they do when they feel themselves going to the dark side? How do they find balance? A space for those conversations with peers about living a creative life. Hosted by my friend, actress Leah Walsh.  Listen to my episode in the link below.